About Potrait Of Emlanjeni


In, Portrait of Emlanjeni' Tsitsi weaves a story that is both gripping and intriguing as well as rich in the sounds and sights of rural Zimbabwe that maybe waning. Whereas the rural folk in her book are endearingly rustic and appealing, the urban characters are alienated and complex. In some ways, the universe that Ngwenya creates, is richly pastoral and vividly graphic. It wants the romantic lament, "Cry the beloved culture"

Ngwenya grapples with the challenges of being a woman in a largely patriarchal society and also engages in a near - mortal struggle against the vicissitudes of a modern, but hostile world in which the sensitivities of a conquered people are callously trodden upon.

I recommend, 'Portrait of Emlanjeni' in the book shelf for every home. David Mungoshi, author of, 'The Fading Sun' and 'Live like an Artist'